I gave out a lot of #VulpineClub stickers at #ANE2020 annnnnd there is a decent chance a few new folks will join us ^^

If you're new here, WELCOME to the fediverse! look around, explore, say hi, follow interesting folks

be your animal self <3

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who likes doing four production pushes in one day?

--> this fox <--

#VulpineClub #FoxOps

hey #vulpineclub

u know how the Notifications bell always has 15 notifications when you load the page?

try refreshing

The second way to get cuddles that I stumbled on to to was placing tiny classified foxes in the newspaper. If you create and test one tiny classified fox in the newspaper that makes just 30-40 fox cuddles in a week, it could make you a foxgirl


Attn #VulpineClub :

The recent issue with avatars and background pics going missing should be resolved within the next 12 hours or so

a couple weeks ago, an upstream change fixed two things but broke one thing

today, we find the new bug has been vanquished, and profile pictures are being refreshed in the background

for more info, see tootsuite/mastodon:12849


on this, the most special of days, I want to give a huge shout-out to the #VulpineClub mod team:


also a shout-out to the other mods and admins on the fediverse, for also doin' the important work :)

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right now, we're collecting foxes. and when we're done collecting these foxes, we'll collect more foxes.

that's what we do.


if y'all wanna do an informal #VulpineClub meetup at #FurFest2019 you are hereby granted permission and my remote encouragement to do so! :3

The Vulpine Club

The Vulpine Club is a friendly and welcoming community of foxes and their associates, friends, and fans! =^^=