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OwO Group LLC issues the following Statement regarding today's Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship

Rochester NY & Boston MA -- May 28, 2020 -- Today, OwO Group LLC, parent company of The Vulpine Club, issued the following statement with regards the President of the United States' Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship:


About OwO Group LLC:
OwO Group LLC is a leading provider of social media services to foxes and other creatures.

Rey Tucker


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hi i'm Rey, rhymes with gay

i live in the boiler room, banging on the pipes occasionally and standing watch over the gauges and dials

i live in Rochester, New York, USA

i'm trans, i'm tired, i'm doin' the best i can

i'm also a catfox

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I do my tail toss
Check my claws
Foxy how you feelin'?
Feeling rawr as hell

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my country has turned its back on me, so the trans pride flag is my national flag, and Against Me! / True Trans Soul Rebel is my national anthem

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we will never be erased

we will never be forgotten


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"making the best of every day" is not about the peaks

it's about the valleys

it's resting, it's healing, it's nourishing

it's collecting tomorrow's spoons

on the one hand, it kinda sucks out here in the suburbs

on the other hand, the nearest post office is the Nutting Lake post office, and i can't make that up

We're not gonna survive this year if we don't get better about asking for what exactly we need from each other because we're all absolutely out of spoons and have no room for mind-reading. And also we're all hanging on by a thread and need support. So we need to learn to ask.

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offer for someone in the fire areas, pls boost 

Hi friends I have a TR1 tactical respirator I’d like to give away. It has a face seal and electrostatic filters. It is unused. The carrying case has been opened just to look at it. I would like to give this to someone living in particularly bad air conditions such as those in Oregon or someone who is particularly at risk due to underlying conditions. I only have one but may be able to get more.

#TransCrowdFund hey greyhound just lost all my makeup and my laptop. I have an old laptop from 2011 but it’s less than ideal obviously. I’m also extremely dysphoric without makeup. If you can, it would mean the world if you could help out.
Venmo/cash app: gigavinyl

re: mh (-) 

my partner proposed going out for ice cream and I was like "nay, for the health of my mental faculties is waning and i must yet bathe the stench of days off my dysphoric body"

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Gonna start a nomadic community of tiny houses that roams the North American continent with mobile greenhouses, chasing the growing season for onions.

mh (-) 

today's mood: fatigue and pain and dissociation and depression and anxiety

took a couple naps, still tired af


I wish I could follow a thread and get notifications of any update

there's a cat stuck in a tree on the fedi TL and I don't know if I can handle not seeing the resolution of this

Hey if you're looking to support The Vulpine Club, we've got a couple ways to do it:

Our expenses are about $85/mo as of last check, and we roughly break even.

Remember, there is NO OBLIGATION to donate! We're a completely free service, supported entirely by a few generous individuals :)

something worth noting after a moderation incident yesterday:

report-brigading works here, and it works well

getting your friends to mash that report button with you does not appreciably increase the moderation workload, and in fact, it helps ensure that it will get looked into even if a post is deleted or a mod fucks up

help us in our fight against chuds and bad software, comrades πŸ’œ

There once was a man from Peru
Whose limericks would end on line two

F64.8 includes the following (select all that apply):

on the bright side, Saturday is Talk Like A Pirate Day


good news: the car can stop on a fuckin dime

bad news: it unleashed a plume of smoke out of the front right, which didn't disappear until we pulled off the road and popped the hood



β€œElle is a Black trans woman based in Seattle raising funds for FFS procedures. Elle has been a committed and shining member of SeaTac's ballroom community, as well as working in non-profit and trans advocacy.”

Cashapp $3llieJay
Venmo ellison_jennings

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