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one's body is inviolable, subject to one's will alone

Pinned post official statement on today's Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship 


OwO Group LLC issues the following Statement regarding today's Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship

Rochester NY & Boston MA -- May 28, 2020 -- Today, OwO Group LLC, parent company of The Vulpine Club, issued the following statement with regards the President of the United States' Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship:


About OwO Group LLC:
OwO Group LLC is a leading provider of social media services to foxes and other creatures.

Rey Tucker


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hi i'm Rey, rhymes with gay

i live in the boiler room, banging on the pipes occasionally and standing watch over the gauges and dials

i live in Rochester, New York, USA

i'm trans, i'm tired, i'm doin' the best i can

i'm also a catfox

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I do my tail toss
Check my claws
Foxy how you feelin'?
Feeling rawr as hell

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my country has turned its back on me, so the trans pride flag is my national flag, and Against Me! / True Trans Soul Rebel is my national anthem

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we will never be erased

we will never be forgotten


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"making the best of every day" is not about the peaks

it's about the valleys

it's resting, it's healing, it's nourishing

it's collecting tomorrow's spoons

stan the tire man statue, broadway, mount vernon, illinois, 1988

The Usenet Oracle

(Boosts appreciated.)

#TheUsenetOracle #TheInternetOracle #Woodchucks #zot

on the way home after a queer wedding out in the woods

met lots of folks, had lots of food, spent some time in a hammock, dangled my feet in a hot tub

Anyway, what's your favourite triphop song that isn't Teardrop by Massive Attack or Glory Box by Portishead? Mine is probably Honeythief by Halou, quintessentially gritty production, equal parts sad and sultry 10/10

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Whoa it's #Juneteenth, give your money to Black people, especially Queer Black people

oh hey i happen to be one, hi

My poor mental health and currently just being unhireable is keeping me from finding work.

Not really asking for repartitions, just help to keep me alive in a system that continues to treat us like dirt$melaninpony

i have other links to some stuff i do or wishlists you can gift me from here:

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what the fuck

bind9 (a critical piece of internet software that runs a fuckton of DNS servers and always has) forgot what the letter W is in a recent release

because someone forgot to put W in the lookup table during code cleanup

IMO, if you're into communes/co-ops/intentional communities, the best thing you can do is look up stories of communes that went bonkers (or just quietly fizzled out) and study their failure points.

"How can we maximize freedom/equality/self-sufficiency" are the questions you ask AFTER you've figured out how to keep it from becoming a cult (or just a fundamentally broken hippie HOA)

D/s, advice requested 

Dead serious question: I want to know what resources you recommend for being a good domme.

still want to steal cloa . ca and turn it into a venting instance

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