meta: Now that we have @vulpineclub as The Face of the Admins, I’ll be making any further announcements from there and probably won’t keep checking this account.

(My personal account remains @mxsparks.)

@rey Thank you so much, Rey. For being here, for building this space, and for trusting us not to accidentally set it on fire. We’ll do our best.

Happy retirement. <3

A big public "thank you" to both @mxsparks_afterlight and @rey for being inspirational teammates for moderation; i don't know how i'd keep doing this without them. <3

@tastymochafox @rey <3 <3 small groups of queers bootstrapping each other into strength & inspiration are one of my fav things in the world

meta: We have suspended the instance at due to followbot/data harvesting activity.

meta: We now reject media from, an instance that appears dedicated to the wholesale posting of un-CW’d NSFW images from Tumblr.

cc: @rey @mxsparks @tastymochafox

meta: added the :yubikey:​ emoji


meta // breakage

Hi friends! We're having some CORS issues with the newly installed CDN; this is the root cause of any browser timeline breakage today! We should have it fixed in a jiffy. Thanks for being nice and understanding 💖💖💖🦊

October 14th is #CakeForTransFriendsDay!

In two days' time, we honour our trans friends (and/or ourselves) with cake, because being trans can be tough and the world is pretty transphobic but we deserve to be celebrated.

(Cis folks, this is aimed at you especially!)

meta: suspended since its code of conduct (“No moderation. Toot. Love. Drugs and rock and roll. No safe space. Offending content inside. Intel inside, too. All topics. All languages. You can say whatever you want, no one cares. Server located in France. Admin is a koala. Blah blah blah are you still reading? I have to go to bed now.”) is incompatible with ours.

... Also, the admin has “Pill: red” in their profile, which, nope.

cc: @rey @tastymochafox

meta // suspended no longer federates with due to multiple posts by an instance admin that violate our Code of Conduct. Also, it's a freeze peach haven, as indicated in the domain name.

cc: @rey @tastymochafox

meta / media block: now rejects media from, due to content that violates our terms of service (underage erotic art). The instance is not silenced or suspended.

cc: @rey @tastymochafox

Admin transparency note:

Suspended the instance at, operated by the same person as (which we had previously suspended) with the same apparent moderation philosophy.

cc: @mxsparks @rey @tastymochafox

Admin transparency note:

Silenced the instance at due to rawrs from the instance admin that violated our CoC.

cc: @mxsparks @rey @tastymochafox

Admin transparency note: now specifically lists ableism among the Officially Bannable ways to be a jerk.

cc: @mxsparks @rey @tastymochafox

Added eleven new Creative Commons emojis, courtesy of @Curator :

:cc_cc:​ cc_cc
:cc_by:​ cc_by
:cc_sa:​ cc_sa
:cc_nd:​ cc_nd
:cc_nc_us:​ cc_nc_us
:cc_nc_eu:​ cc_nc_eu
:cc_nc_jp:​ cc_nc_jp
:cc_pd:​ cc_pd
:cc_zero:​ cc_zero
:cc_remix:​ cc_remix
:cc_share:​ cc_share

*** Important Admin Note ***
Added two new custom emojos:
:estradiol_1mg:​ : estradiol_1mg :
:estradiol_2mg:​ : estradiol_2mg :

This is mx. sparks, speaking for :estradiol_2mg:​oskone.

Admin transparency note: deleted one local toot (un-CW'd NSFW).

@erick I see you're an instance admin for Bots that ignore are in violation of's terms of service. To avoid your instance being suspended, please let us know immediately once you have destroyed all user data collected by @followbot .

cc: @rey @mxsparks @kellerfuchs

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