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a funny thing that happens sometimes:
- become lady 🏳️‍⚧️
- spend half a year being super nervous about using ladies’ room at work 🚻
- realize there’s almost never anyone else in there anyway, because this office is mostly engineering 🦗
- become less nervous and more angery ✊

disney films have that unique quality that makes me just shake my head and go "why??" at the end of them

"this will be the last time I have to reserve a U-Haul for a long long while," she said three weeks ago

anyway she just reserved another U-Haul for tomorrow

having Stuff really sucks

Every time I'm not feeling confident about my art I remember that these pics are 3 years apart

this owns, btw. i'm happy with it :3

and you've seen how i dress when i actually go outside.

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okay getting out of the house was actually really helpful for the mental health

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one of my roommates was joking that our life is a 90's furry webcomic

but i am convinced that it may as well be :p

awright everybody, we now have hugs with flags attached:

:hugs:​ is just hugs
:hugs_syn:​ hugs_syn = hugs + ❓
:hugs_ack:​ hugs_ack = hugs + ✔️
:hugs_rst: hugs_rst = hugs + ❌
:hugs_urg:​ hugs_urg = hugs + ❗
:hugs_inf:​ hugs_inf = hugs + ∞
:hugs_idk:​ hugs_idk = hugs + ⁉️
:hugs_meh:​ hugs_meh = hugs + shruggie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

English reform:

include xor as an actual logical statement

Sending people DMCA notices for making posts that are too similar to mine

logging in to workSlack like “Hans … Hans, are we the baddies?”

Welcome to the freshly-updated!

Apologies for the downtime -- a database update was taking a long time because I forgot to stop the hourly backup. meetup ends with a cuddle pile, several newly hacked together systems, a pile of mathematics, among other things

internet is wild in 2020. every website has at least 4 out of a covid announcement banner, a "consent" banner, a "stories" feature, a hero image, and ads. there have been rumors of websites with actual content beneath all that, but they are as yet unconfirmed

reality is this weird thing where your only access to it is through your own perception and mindset, but there is enough that is generally stable and commonly seen that you could believe for a bit that it isn't seen through that filter

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