As a break between work and my own programming, here's a comic based on events from today.
Someone turned a tap on downstairs, and the shower turned off!
(About 20 minutes scribbling)

@tinytoydragon I refuse to let go of IRC myself. I am just waiting for when Discord goes full Skype mode (and probably Telegram and anything else anybody uses) -- can't trust Corporations to run anything right, sooner or later it all becomes money first, quality never.

accessibility meta 

what if the push for electron apps isn't just for half-assed multiplatform support, but also so you can't easily modify their web app or block ads like you can with a browser?

subtooting a bunch of people, including maybe you 

mh + 

:geordi_dislike: hanging a trans pride flag on the wall
:geordi_like:​ buying a brick and painting it trans pride colors and putting it on your desk

gonna flirt with roko's basilisk bc she's a cutie

A great thing about birbsite is that if you just big data enough blockchain, random brand accounts will like your tweet agile AI graphql

21st century comedy movies with CGI animal characters be like


so. velvet opera gloves kinda work with touchscreens?? gotta get used to these

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