CW: cat in a really weird pose inside a bottle.

Cats can conform to seemingly arbitrary topologies when inside containers, so how about a Klein bottle?
(about forty minutes scribble)

also, what if the only reason math is so unreasonably effective at modeling the world we live in is because the axioms we keep taking are those that resemble the world we live in anyway?

like, axioms are the bit we invent and everything else is a consequence that we discover through following the logical consequences

trans silliness 

I started a new job recently, and obvs I'm not out as trans in that job yet. There's someone new starting tonight, on the same shift as me. Her name is Faith.

I've never wanted to come out more in my life lmao

It's funny that the thrift store cashier and myself were talking about Being Gay and Doing Crime, and she omitted to scan the price tag for the $15 office chair.

Getting back into practice with art with another crack at a fursona redesign

listening to general intellect unit talk about this documentary calleed "all watched over by machines of loving grace"

and my mind went: wait, does that means the machines are @BestGirlGrace and loving, or that they love Grace as their primary function?

hey once again, thanks to y'all for putting up with my psuedo-philosophizing bullshit here :p

the conversation that prompted me to asking this question, feat. random man online thinking he gets to decide which words are transmisogynistic slurs, and also some slurs of course :/ 

i know, i know, fuck reddit

honestly though why are people

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aaaaah so i just caught up on the last 6 months of Mage & Demon Queen, and (no spoilers, but)
- omg awwwwwwww <3
- oh no how will they ever get out of this situation :o
- aw what total gay disasters :3

Today, I got in the mail a print from the wonderful @znnavigator !

I love how much texture this print has to it.

is this anything 

marxist-leninist machine learning

why do random men online think that they get to decide which words are transmisogynistic slurs

what's Mage & Demon Queen? aren't you glad you asked! it's an enormously cheesy yuri(?) webcomic set inside a non-specific RPG, telling the enemies-to-allies story of the two title characters. rated PG-13 for cartoon violence, mortal peril, and multiple concurrent arcs of massive as-yet-unresolved sexual tension.

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you're telling me a donkey konged this country?

mild robokink, second person 

hmmmm, now that I've got you up here on My workbench, let's hear the *whole* truth about how you feel about Me. and remember, 'bots who dissemble get disassembled~

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