meta meta 

actually being at Ground Zero of the current meta is really interesting

I'm one of like six people who know what the heck actually happened; all the evidence (aside from screen caps and Discord logs) is gone, so y'all are running with echoes of the past

most things I've seen have at least had a shred of truth, so far will probably be blamed for it by dinner time tho

when ur friend won't eat those seeds or sing the pigeon song

Toots are rawrs here

the emoji icon is a fox face

the character count is 1312

I'm home. :blobcatmelt:

bonus points if it ASKED before resolving all the fuckin reports after taking an action

unresolving a dozen reports is a pain in the ass

also would be grrrrreat if mod-deleting a post didn't remove it from the reports that it's on

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I’m reviving my clock project.

I still don’t know what I’m doing, but now I have tools to accelerate my failures!

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Intro Post with sona ref 

Hi! I'm Alex! I'm a panromantic demisexual transwoman (she/her) from Ohio. I am a , and a fox kin, and a writer.

I used to mod, but I'm taking down the instance later today. Modding just isn't for me.

I'm an eclectic norse pagan who likes Loki in particular and who practices her own brand of occult magick.

I am plural, and my headmate, @anwynpendrake, is also an occultist, though she follows her own path. We are working on creating a tandem occult blog to combine our esoteric interests. We have other headmates, but they do not front very often

I am poly, and my partners include @yeenbean, @Irick, and the aforementioned headmate Anwyn, who is also partners with Irick.

I play style games, and especially love DnD5e and anything Cthulhu related. But I also love indie RPGs. I just can't find groups for a lot of them. >.>

I do streams on Consider giving me a follow to see when I go live!

Anyway, its good to be hear on :3

More dagron!

Yes, I am calling her a dargon, even though she's clearly a wyvern just to annoy pedants.

Commission for @Ninty ! Had a lot of fun making this. Thank you again!

me, after slowly transforming since i joined vulpine club

(insert my canned rant about how "trans rights" are for everybody, and no, not just as a recruiting tool)

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something worth noting after a moderation incident yesterday:

report-brigading works here, and it works well

getting your friends to mash that report button with you does not appreciably increase the moderation workload, and in fact, it helps ensure that it will get looked into even if a post is deleted or a mod fucks up

help us in our fight against chuds and bad software, comrades 💜

<admin hat>
the account in question has been suspended

thanks for your reports 💜

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okay I've got one more thing to say before I got to sleep:

during your life, you will notice endings. endings are easy to spot, and can be very hard to miss. everything ends, sooner or later, every life, every state of being, every place, every thing.

but the truth is that, every day, every moment, all around you, *things are also beginning*. every thing that ever ends had a beginning once. and in the beginning, everything is small and fragile.

we can't see the future, so we can't know what new things that begin around us will grow into tremendous things later on, and which will evaporate, never amounting to much.

so do what you can, in the small beginnings, every day. say something kind to a stranger. do a favor for someone in need. make a connection. strengthen a bond. plant a seed. start a habit.

all things will end eventually, but we've got several billion years before we run out of beginnings.

you: “catlike reflexes”
my cat: (falls off the couch while lying down)

say what you will about Mastodon, but at least we don't have to hit refresh repeatedly to see a public post on a public account to get past the "you don't have permission to view this" error, Twitter

hey could y'all just rename "suspend" to "irrevocably delete" and avoid 90% of the mod meta drama right out of the gate? maybe then add a new "suspend" that, i don't know, suspends the account?


(feel free to submit this as a tootsuite github issue; i believe i'm still banned)

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