has anybody created a visual novel where you can date the demons from DOOM? cause if not I might just do that

someone on twitter: it’s easy to ignore your own flaws and nitpick others—
me: tell me how
them: excuse me?
me (trembling): how do you ignore your own flaws. tell me the secret

mooooooooooom phineas and ferb are registering hypercam 2

windows 10 licenses should cost negative money

microsoft should pay you for having to use windows 10

all cops should be forced to quit their jobs, as a promotional thing. I think it would be fun not to get pulled over

Cardi B is not in fact a bee in a cardigan

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* will fite you
* sleep on hoard
* flying is the best
* no tolerance for fools
* pretty much every problem can be solved with a sufficient application of fire
* or going to sleep for a hundred years, that works too
* then wake up and set everything on fire AGAIN
* no you're not gonna steal anything from my hoard I will eat you
* and not in a nice way

dragonpunk. accept no substitutes.

microsoft claims they have "universal" apps but those apps only run on computers that are on the planet earth. in this essay i will

Foxes: The Best of All Time, or Simply Just The Best?

I'm a tiny, fuzzy, triangle-eared, bushy-tailed, land dragon! :grey_fox:

gender is a fuck, but it's your fuck, and you may fuck with it however you please

Please be advised that, while fox tails may *look* like delicious, light, and fluffy cotton candy, they are, in fact, meant to be used as blankets.

We thank you for your attention.

Tired: the North Pole.
Wired: Antarctican't.

Too many things ask for age, but they never include an option for "non-temporal abstract fox entity."

I feel left out.

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