re: travel update, mh, plurality 

what if a bot that toots randomly generated Haskell types


@deshipu @deejoe my business card says "Embedded Systems Engineer", which means i am a bespoke shovel craftsperson and yak hair artisan

she is beauty
she is class
she is scream
at own ass

probably courting lightning strikes 

don't read if you're a manager 

Not serious disappointment 

i can put somebody on the moon!

... getting them back is harder and i haven't quite figured out how to keep enough delta-v to do it

a family can be cyanobacteria, algae, worms, and a single tiny crab in a jar

mimi: trans people can do anything :blobcat:
angel: i'm gonna do arson! :blobcatevil:
maureen: trans people can do arson!
joanne: trans people can, but shouldn't, do arson. it's rude.
collins: trans people can and should do arson!

bees like sharing the location of their favourite flowers with other bees :blobcatflower:

Hi. These are dots on a screen that resemble characters that convey meaning. These little pictograms, when used properly, have the ability to make me extremely horny, like y'all are doing tonight. Please use this power responsibly.

You ever think about how Eugon basically just built a social network and uses it to appreciate the cats on it?

harley-davidson joke, fightin words 

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