i like how i posted two things in rapid succession:

  1. reject authority: it is going to kill you, and me, and all of us
  2. report spammers to the authorities and plz stop posting about them

Story time with Jamjar; homomisia; transmisia 

Starting a phone tree to set up an orgy, or, as I like to call it, tail call recursion

Here's a terrible scribble of the Pokemon fusion I just got.

food, delivery, spoons 

McZuckerburgersite; algorithms; personal experience; schadenfreude 

Foxes. They're all around us, protecting us and guarding us. We rarely see them, but they see us. Everything we do, every day. And they know that we're hiding the good treats.

So, we might as well just give all of our best treats to our guardian friends: foxes.

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thinks back over her life so far


oh fuck

my survival skills are being cute and making puns

those are literally the only two skills i've needed thus far

did you know
that you can boop
a trans girl's snoot?

there is an absolutely absurd amount of pure queer energy in my neighborhood tonight

like i had to take a damn break and sit down and let the dense gender fog clear

Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence: The 3,100-mile race around a New York block

It is a race so long that runners need a haircut during it. They can get through 20 pairs of shoes. They run more than two marathons a day. For almost two months. On five hours of sleep a night.


They head out on the sidewalk down 84th Avenue, past a playground, along the busy Grand Central Parkway, around Thomas Edison High School, down 168 Street and back on to 84th. And they will do this 5,649 times. Why?

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