oh hey

today is the day i am fully vaccinated and i can, like, see people

hrt, cultural christianity, audio hazard 

[Veggie Tales theme music plays]

yummy pills!

yummy pills!

reddit is a lost cause (transmisia, nazi shit) 

burn this website to the ground

this is very much in contradiction with some of my own feelings, and probably a lot of y'all, but...

one of the greatest lies is that of the self-made person. that we can go anywhere, be anything, by our own decisions alone.

and maybe in a conceptual vacuum, you could. but we live in a world with history and cause and effect and needs and dependencies.

anything that we can be said to make of ourselves, isn't ever entirely up to us, because everything we have and everything we are came from somewhere else.

even the very will to remake is not really ours. not entirely. what does that even mean?

Saw this native mason bee the other day 0: pretty sure it’s Osmia ribifloris

i often end up appreciating the villains and other characters in things that i'm "not supposed to" appreciate

usually when the heroes are utterly square or unlikeable

Three of the most important things I’ve learned since I began transitioning

1) being honest with yourself requires you have some idea what your own wants and needs are. Acts of service are wonderful, but I also have to address what makes me happy

2) it’s better to be hated by many but truly loved by a few than to try and please everyone all the time. My existence is an affront to the status quo and that is a beautiful thing

3) being afraid of being myself because of what others may think was a form or serious self harm

speaking really only for myself...

programmer brain is a hell of a thing

thing I did not anticipate when moving into a more dense city: the sheer omnipresence of the ice cream truck song

I can pick it out below the noise floor, like some sort of weak signal mode

Today, I'm gonna visit a colleague. We're both fully vaccinated and this is the first time I'll be spending IRL time with someone I don't live with in a very long time. First time in over a year seeing this colleague in person. Looking forward to it, even though he lives like 90 miles away.

why does emojicode's documentation say this

Emojicode is designed to make your programs safe.

But what exactly does this mean? In contrast to other programming languages, your program will never terminate without stating a clear reason and should do so only in a few predictable and avoidable cases. These cases are called a panic.

like, yeah, that's a good thing? but nearly every programming language people use these days works exactly like this

do the emojicode devs only know about c and c++??

welcome to r/goodanimemes! it's like r/animemes but bad

Stargazing... (raffle prize)

The 3 important star clusters: the fox constellation, the heart constellation, and the obligatory Sonic R constellation (because I always gotta hide it in artwork somewhere...)

"Chelsea [Massachusetts USA] launched a guaranteed income experiment to give money directly to residents. Here’s how they spent it."


tl;dr food

How did the hipster burn his mouth? 

He tried to drink his coffee before it was cool.

The other day, me fighting with my computer: "Why are you doing that? I didn't tell you to do that."
@owashii from the other room: "It's a computer, you expect it to listen to you?"
Alexa/Echo Dot (wake word is set as "computer"): "Sorry, I didn't catch that..."

tired: WiFi
wired: Ethernet

[context: WiFi is a wireless connection method, Ethernet is a wired connection method]

thinkin abt leela's little wrist computer thingy

she wears it in every episode, uses it only very rarely, and variously calls it her "wristlojackimater", "this thing i wear on my wrist", her "wrist-a-ma-jig", "this thing", and more

she doesn't seem to have any idea what it's supposed to be called and i think that's beautiful

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