i love how my friends love learning new things and creating things.

it's a really good influence ❤️

you, foolish: stop trying to make futch happen, it’s not going to happen

(photo cw: selfie, direct eye contact. and sorry about the lighting in this one)

*opens dragon maw, emits sensation of standing in an old growth redwood forest far away from any human noises as a gentle rainfall patters on the branches of the upper canopy*

Drugs; capitalist attrocities; ongoing assassination campaign; Coca-Cola 

buying women's clothes, rolling 2d6 to figure out my size

How different would the internet look, I wonder, if capitalism wasn't creating an incentive to sneak advertising pages and shill articles in with legitimate information in a bid to sell product.

poll: occupational hazards of computing 

smash ultimate update that makes all of villager's tools break

when i get my mental health issues sorted out, gosh i'll probably be doing so much better with my life.

something in the future to be hopeful about

still think it's wild that for a really long time the answer to how to display moving images was just a small particle accelerator

It's called the Nintendo 64 because it came after the Nintendo 63.

Contrary to poplar belief, it actually launched in 1969, not 1964.

adding an extra field to every video game storefront that says "is the developer behind this an evil piece of shit"

if they are then it goes like "hey this game was made by an evil piece of shit, would you like to get it for free instead of supporting them?"

i think that would improve the game purchasing experience :blobcatsip:

TDOV, personal narrative, half humor, half serious 

Animal Crossing 

covid, billionaires 

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re: The core problem with the dirtbag left/Chapo/BreadTube 

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And here's a cleaned up version with added rim lighting, darkened shadows, colored inking, and a minimal background.

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