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the girl version of sans undertale, sans junipero

hokay. we’ve got this. *deep breaths*

*Tina Belcher voice* I’m a strong, smart, sensual woman. I’m a strong, smart, sensual woman.

the fact that I need to get out of bed if I want to be able to eat breakfast and take my meds is frankly transmisogynistic

literally sitting in a car, behind the library, at 1am, shitposting with @kurtm and @pamela

recovery is happening

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twine and inform seven are interactive fiction tools.

twine is easy to use. inform seven is hard to use. twine sounds better than inform seven.

however this post is not valid twine code. it is valid inform seven code.


Do you ever read your own shitpost from a couple hours ago and roll your eyes?

Fun fact: Not only am I gay, but I'm gay for your specific gender.

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aaaaaa when i shake my head back and forth my ponytail flaps against my ears and it is wonderful

Top Lies Men Say 2k19:

1) "I'll pull out"
2) "The samosas are mild"

the alternative to YouTube is text

video is one of the most expensive, most privileged, most inaccessible ways of spreading ideas

it has always been a medium where the rich have controlled what the rest of us see

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