Here's another commission I did, this one for RaegalTBoggart on Twitter!!

nsfw furry art 

Here's a commission I did hehe

Little known fact about my fursona is that her naughty parts glow, especially when she's using her magic to enhance the pleasure...

well i just learned about malbolge
an esoteric programming language so inane that the first functional program written in it wasn't even created by a human

pol in general, honestly nations in general 

Ya know... this has been on my mind -a lot- as of late, but:

If we're living under societal structures that constantly, immensely screw people over then maybe, -maybe- offer an insubstantial apology for it decades later... maybe the best we can do for the world is take those structures down and replace them with something less... monolithic.

You know they're not keeping our best interests in mind. I wish most leftist/anarchist lit could say this in under 800 pages, but that's the gist of it.

Happy (early) Wolfenoot folks! Celebrate the wolves and such in your life, become a wolf, or just be kind to one another.


tumblr had many flaws, but allowing self-expression was absolutely not one of them. it was a feature

i wonder if we could recapture it in a way that doesn't lead to a ux nightmare...

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i'm thinkin it's good how the warners from animaniacs satisfy the perfect gender balance that three houses doesn't

there's three of them, they have three different genders. ideal

y'know what?

i kinda miss that feature of aol instant messenger where we could all format our text in obnoxious colors.

there was an element of self-expression that's just gone now, i feel like.

i also have a queer villain pride flag i wanna hang up on my door or in my room

feels like an aspirational goal to live up to that flag though

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mh (-), am safe 

when you really want to want to live, but grim determination isn’t actually sustainable, and rage and spite are too intermittent to rely on, what’s a gxrl to do but take her meds and try to learn to love her future self enough to take care of her? (this is mostly a rhetorical question)

so I’ve never seen Being John Malkovich, which means I didn’t learn until this very morning, via Jude S. Doyle’s excellent newsletter, that the titular experience makes Cameron Diaz’s character come out to himself as a trans man (cw: everything about 1990s trans representation in film)

wait did all my years of tricking windows games to run on linux count as being a trans girl hacker witch?

a lot of my effort was on small stuff like that and nothing on anything super impressive

just getting things to work that really shouldn't

update: storage unit was fully emptied into a U-Haul van, which we then emptied into the garage

the storage unit has been relinquished, the van returned: the move is Complete

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kit has done one (1) thing today, time to zonk out since that was the quota

"Behold the power of science" is both an inside joke from pokemon and a totally trans sentiment

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